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Rain 910

Rain910 is notoriously known for giving some of the best live freestyles with infamous DJ Personalities such as DJ Kay Slay and Funk Master Flex. He’s commanded stages at the BET Awards and MTV's TRL and was declared one of The Source's Unsigned Hype. His track record already speaks volumes and in 2017 Rapper/Mogul Rick Ross signed Rain910 to his record label Maybach Music Group. 
Born and raised in the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Rain emanates knowledge well beyond his years. Being exposed to icons such as Kool G Rap and legends like Rakim, Rain910 took his views and ideas to paper at the tender age of thirteen, determined to be a significant person for the youth of the present and the struggles and obstacles they face. He thrives on creativity and flourishes on originality and his mind is focused on making songs and hits as opposed to being considered nothing more than a ‘walking notebook.’